April 15, 2017

Forks, Knives & Spoons by Leah DeCesare

Published Date : April 18, 2017
Publisher : SparkPress
Genre : Fiction / Women's
Rating : 5 Star


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Forks, Knives And Spoons is a whole new way to look at dating through a college girl's eyes! It's 1988 in Syracuse, NY and Amy has just started her freshman year of college. Amy and her roommate, Veronica quickly become friends but Amy has this new way of classifying boys that Veronica doesn't agree with. The ultimate catch is a Knife, Forks are pricks and Spoons are the nerdy dudes.

As Amy and Veronica get through the hard years of college, following this system of meeting boys and discovering what kind of a boy they truly are. With the both of the girls coming into their own and finding that not everyone is what they seem. We are left with Amy and Veronica finding their own Knifes in a field of Forks & Spoons!!

I loved this book and I so wished that a sequel was in the works just to check in on the girls like 5 years in future! The idea of this book appealed to me but I was a little apprehensive when I first started reading but I soon fell in love with how this story was being played out. I really liked how being set in the late 80's was totally perfect for what this story was saying. The bottom line is that I really loved this book and I could totally see this book being made into a 3 hour long movie!!

Thank You to Leah DeCesare for writing a fantastic debut fiction novel that I can't wait to see what is to come from you in the future!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!


  1. Can you see my smile all the way from Rhode Island to Texas? Thanks so much for this review - I'm thrilled that you liked it!

    1. Not a problem! It truly was a great book to read!!