April 19, 2017

It Happens All The Time by Amy Hatvany

Published Date : March 28, 2017
Publisher : Atria Books
Genre : Fiction / Women's
Rating : 5 Star


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It Happens All The Time is the story of how just one moment can change everything for two people. Amber and Tyler have been friends since they were teenagers, depending on each other in their darkest times growing up. Tyler always thought that they would fall in love with each other but Amber had different plans for her life. Now with Amber engaged to another man, one drunken kiss will lead to a night that will change everything for Amber and Tyler in ways they would never expected.

This book was amazing in the sense that you get both sides of the story for what Amber and Tyler is going through leading up to and what comes after. I have never read a book like this that makes you feel for both Amber and Tyler for what happens and you could see why they both do the things they do. I think the part that got to me was how the Author is writing this from personal experience that brings a whole new level to this story. This is truly a book that needs to be read in High Schools, Colleges or even Book Clubs for the serious issues that this story brings up.

Thank You to Amy Hatvany for sharing your personal experience in a book that turned me into a fan of yours from this day on!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : Wintervention 2017!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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