April 30, 2017

Just Another Day At The Office by Jay Bonansinga

Published Date : December 4, 2012
Publisher : Thomas Dunne Books
Series : The Governor / 1.5 Novella
Genre : Fiction / Horror
Rating : 3 Star


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Just Another Day At The Office is a very short read about how Phillip aka The Governor came to save Woodbury and take control of the town. At the very end of the Rise Of The Governor which is the very first book in this series, Phillip stumbles across a new town but with the immediate threat of zombies that are close to breaking down the walls. As Philip ultimately saves the town from the zombie horde and sets us up for what is to come in this series as Phillip as the leader.

I was kinda disappointed at with how short this book was and I felt it would have been better with it in Rise Of The Governor than as a short novella. I will though continue to buy whatever Walking Dead books that come out even if they are as short as this just to have a piece of The Walking Dead! I think that as much hate as this book gets for being as short as it is, it's a great marketing tool to get more people buying anything that have The Walking Dead attached to it!

Thank You to Jay Bonansinga for writing this very short book that is part of a much bigger series that I totally love!!

This book came from my own personal Library!

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