April 30, 2017

Rise Of The Governor by Jay Bonansinga & Robert Kirkman

Published Date : October 11, 2011
Publisher : Thomas Dunne Books
Series : The Governor / 1
Genre : Fiction / Horror
Rating : 5 Star


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Rise Of The Governor is the first book in The Walking Dead : The Governor series! Brothers, Brian & Phillip, Phillip's young daughter Penny and two high school friends of Phillips, Bobby & Nick are left to fend for themselves during the start of the zombie apocalypse. As they find a house to hole up in, a series of unfortunate events happen that leaves Bobby dead and the other wanting to get to Atlanta to the supposed safe area. Once they get to Atlanta, nothing is what it seems there.

As they fight through the zombie herds and they realize that Atlanta is not safe, they happen to stumble upon another group of survivors. After Phillip makes a huge mistake, they are forced out once again to find yet another safe spot. It takes a raid by other survivors on the farmhouse they find for the events that lead up to Brian becoming the Governor!

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Granted, I totally love the Walking Dead world but this one was a fantastic start to how the Governor came to be in the show! You can see how a weak person like Brian was in the beginning that made him be the strong man by the end of this book for what happened to him and the group. If you are a total Walking Dead nerd like myself, you need to read this series that shows what happened long before Woodbury!

Thank You to Robert Kirkman & Jay Bonansinga for starting this novel series that ties in to the greatest show on TV right now!!

This book came from my own personal Library!

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