April 30, 2017

The Walking Dead Vol.11 : Fear The Hunters by Robert Kirkman

Published Date : January 6, 2010
Publisher : Image Comics
Series : The Walking Dead / Vol. 11 #61-66
Genre : Fiction / Horror / TV Show
Rating : 5 Star


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Fear The Hunters is issues 61-66 of the popular The Walking Dead comics! We start out learning what one of the twins is up to and it leads to a shocking night that no one will admit to it. With everyone under stress and a stranger in the form of a preacher who offers a church as a safe haven but it's not as safe as they think. A group of people called the Hunters are stalking the group until they see an opportunity to take Dale in which he is hiding a major secret from everyone. When they realize that Dale is missing and showing up again with a missing leg, the battle between the group and the Hunters is on. It all leads to a shocking twist of fate on the last page that will leave you wanting more!

I was wandering how the whole cannibal eating people from Terminus was gonna be involved in the comics and it didn't disappoint at all! This was a definite action packed comic from the first few pages to the major secret on the last page, it's something that you have to read rather than watch on the show to better understand the whole series. I can't wait to get into the next volume and I know that worse people are just on the horizon now, waiting for the group to arrive.

Thank You to Robert Kirkman for reaffirming my love in The Walking Dead with this volume!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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