April 30, 2017

The Walking Dead Vol.17 : Something To Fear by Robert Kirkman

Published Date : November 21, 2012
Publisher : Image Comics
Series : The Walking Dead / Vol. 17 #97-102
Genre : Fiction / Comics / Horror
Rating : 5 Star


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Something To Fear is issues 97-102 of the popular The Walking Dead comics! It starts off with two people coming under attack from the Saviors and when Rick and some others make a run for Hilltop, they run into Negan himself. The scenes that follow will haunted Rick and the others and will force them to make some hard decisions in the days ahead and how they will end this fight with Negan once and for all.

OMG, This edition will have you screaming and crying all at the same time for what Negan is doing to Rick and the crew. I have been waiting for this issue for awhile now ever since the show left us with who Negan kills but not everything is the same in the show so it's gonna be interesting to see who really dies and if it's gonna be that graphic of a scene. The more I read of the comics, the more I love them just because you think it's gonna be one way and you get pulled into a whole new direction by the end!

Thank You to Robert Kirkman for having a character as brutal as Negan is to show that this world is not safe at all!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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