April 30, 2017

The Walking Dead Vol.22 : A New Beginning by Robert Kirkman

Published Date : November 5, 2014
Publisher : Image Comics
Series : The Walking Dead / Vol. 22 #127-132
Genre : Fiction / Comics / Horror
Rating : 5 Star


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A New Beginning is issues 127-132 of the popular The Walking Dead comics! It's several years later and it's a whole new world with everyone coming together to make it a better place with trading and safer roads to travel between the settlements. Carl wants to move to Hilltop from Alexandra to become a blacksmith but Rick isn't so sure letting him leave his side. With a new group coming in and with a new threat lurking outside the walls, nothing is what is seems for this community.

I thought that this comic was setting us up for what is to come with everyone leading kinda normal lives because you know that nothing like this can last forever for Rick and the gang. It was cool to see Carl and Maggie more and how Eugene has come into his own and not scared of everything. This new threat is kinda creepy if you think about it and I would love to see it on the show!!

Thank You to Robert Kirkman for bringing this new threat in the most creepiest way ever!!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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