April 30, 2017

The Walking Dead Vol.23 : Whispers Into Screams by Robert Kirkman

Published Date : April 29, 2015
Publisher : Image Comics
Series : The Walking Dead / Vol. 23 #133-138
Genre : Fiction / Horror / TV Show
Rating : 5 Star


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Whispers Into Screams is issues 133-138 of the popular The Walking Dead comics! Two big plot lines takes place with the first that deals with Carl and Sophia in which they get beaten by two bullies who claim innocence with Carl being the person who started it. The second plot line is a group of Whispers who wear zombie faces to blend in and they attack Jesus's group and he manages to take one back to Hilltop. As Carl and this Whisper who turns out to be a teenage girl who Carl falls in love with over their talks in the prison. With a rebellion against Maggie which ultimately fails, it sets us up for what Carl is gonna do in the next issue!

I loved this issue and every plot-line that was shown especially Carl's. Now we know what the Whispers are, I can sense a war coming on with them or at lest something bad that is gonna involved this girl and Carl. I did find the whole try to get rid of Maggie plot-line was already used before but it was interesting to see it again in a whole new way. I can only imagine what is to come for everyone but it's gonna be good!!

Thank You to Robert Kirkman for giving Carl more time in the comics to see where his story is going!!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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