April 23, 2017

The Walking Dead Vol.3 : Safety Behind Bars by Robert Kirkman

Published Date : May 18, 2005
Publisher : Image Comics
Series : The Walking Dead / Vol. 3 #13-18
Genre : Fiction / Comics / Horror
Rating : 5 Star


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Safety Behind Bars is issues 13-18 of the popular The Walking Dead comics! As Rick and crew arrive at the jail and find it safe enough to stay at, there will be some surprises that will be deadly. After discovering that there are five survivors who may not be who they say they are, a killing will have everyone shock on who might have done it. It all leads to what happens on the very last page that will have you wanting to read the next book just to see how Rick and crew come out!

The more I get into this comic book series, the more I love it! I loved how this book was set mostly all in the jail and having the bloodiest and gruesome comic to date, it makes you even more excited to see what is to come! I love how everything is different from the TV series and how even the relationships are completely different but I could see those happening on TV as well in a weird kinda way.

Thank You to Robert Kirkman for having such a great comic series that leaves you wanting more!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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