May 14, 2017

All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

Published Date : July 12, 2016
Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Genre : Fiction / Thriller
Rating : 5 Star


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All Is Not Forgotten is the story of what happens when a young girl tries to remember what happened to her after a rape. Jenny Kramer is a young teenage girl when she was attacked at a party and at the hospital, her parents ordered a drug to be given to her that would make her forget what had happened but in the coming months, she struggles with her memory and what really happened that night. Her father, Tom wants to find the killer and bring him to justice while her mother, Charlotte, would prefer that this never did happened while hiding a major secret of her own.

When Jenny and the family starts going to a psychiatrist named Dr. Forrester, she starts opening up to him and gets introduced to a young military guy named Sean who is being treated for PTSD. As the doctor discovers something that can come back on to his family, he starts pushing everyone around Jenny to blame someone close to the family for the rape. With Tom and Sean wanting to do anything to protect Jenny, it all leads to a night when something goes down and they think they have who did the crime. As we discover in the last few pages that not everything is what it seems and a shocker of who truly raped Jenny will come out in the ending that will leave you breathless.

OMG, I would had this book read in about 3 hours if real life duties didn't happened, lol! The way the story grabs you from the first page to the very last word, it's truly an amazing story to read but I am gonna have to warn you though that it does get graphic during some of the scenes so be aware of that. I thought the book was over when something happens but I won't say, to have the true ending was a shocker for me because I didn't see that one coming and it does give you goosebumps thinking about it after you finish reading it.

Thank You to Wendy Walker for having such a great thriller read that will leave everyone breathless that gets to the end!

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