May 20, 2017

An Address In Amsterdam by Mary Dingee Fillmore

Published Date : October 4, 2016
Publisher : She Writes Press
Genre : Fiction / Historical
Rating : 4 Star


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An Address In Amsterdam is a young Jewish Woman's journey during WW2 in Amsterdam. It's May 1940 and the Germans are entering the city of Amsterdam, Rachel Klein hopes she can ignore them but soon realizes how hard that is to do. When she falls in love with a Gentile who is forced to disappear rather face the Nazi's, Rachel takes up with moving papers for the underground in hopes to end this war sooner rather than later. It takes something horrible to happen for the family to go into hiding in a dark basement that will lead to consequences with a stranger. Only when the family is forced to move to another location will everything fall apart but for them, they remain strong as a family.

This book is amazing in the way the story played out but I'm still not sure if I truly loved how it all ended. I was liking this book all the way to the very end except for those bedroom scenes that I thought could have been better said and the way it just leaves you with kinda of a cliff-hanger of what happens to Rachel and her family. I did love the end of the book that has a list of books that the Author recommends reading about the whole time period and of course the time-line of events was awesome to have in this book! Overall, If you love reading books about that horrible time in history that gives a different look at things, read this book!

Thank You to Mary Dingee Fillmore for writing a book that had me glued to it even while on a road-trip in which not many real books will do that for me!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : FRC 2016!

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