May 21, 2017

Ask Him Why by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Published Date : December 15, 2015
Publisher : Lake Union Publishing
Genre : Fiction / Women's
Rating : 3 Star


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Ask Him Why is a story of secrets and how one family deals with the aftermath. Ruth and her brother, Aubrey come home one afternoon to find their half-brother, Joseph home from serving overseas but the thing is he just left 3 months prior. Details from Joseph's time overseas comes out and he went AWOL right before a mission that left two men dead. As the family tries to recover from everything, a man in northern California may have information on Joseph on why he did what he did.

Ten long years pass and as Joseph gets out of prison for serving his time for what he did, Thanksgiving is the time when Joseph finally reveals why he did what he did. Aubrey who didn't want anything to do with him realizes that maybe Joseph isn't that bad and a family comes together in a time that was badly needed. The book ends on a good note knowing that everything comes full circle.

I have mixed feelings about this book, I'm not much for someone going AWOL and even less for reading about it. I grew up with the saying if you had a job then no matter what the price is or how hard the job is, you finish that job and don't quit halfway. I felt at times the book was a little slow but it does have you thinking about things. After realizing Catherine wrote Pay It Forward and coming from how great that book was, I was just expecting this book to be on the same level as that one but nonetheless I think I will be reading more books by her.

Thank You to Catherine Ryan Hyde for writing a book that will have everyone thinking.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : Cozy Reads 2015!

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