May 27, 2017

Body 2.0 by Krista Hammerbacher Haapala

Published Date : September 20, 2016
Publisher : She Writes Press
Genre : Non-Fiction / Memoir
Rating : 5 Star


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Body 2.0 is the real story of Krista's journey to have a double mastectomy and the choice that made her get that in the first place. As Krista writes this book like a diary of how her mother died of breast cancer that made her want to remove her own breasts and the process of having the surgery actually felt like for her. With Krista sharing everything about the journey, she discovers how strong she truly is during her darkest times and what it really means to be a survivor!

This book really hit home for me since my own mom went through a double mastectomy close to 20 years ago but unlike Krista, she didn't have the reconstruction done. When they took my mom's breasts they discovered cancer cells starting to grow so it was done in the nick of time and I think every woman who chooses to have this surgery before something does pop up after having family with cancer or issues with benign tumors, may just saved their own life. Reading Krista's story will make you sad at times but also have you laugh out loud for what is going on but the bigger picture is that it takes a real woman to have something like this done for them to come out on the other side much stronger than before!

Thank You to Krista Hammerbacher Haapala for sharing your story so that someone who is facing the same journey can know that they are not alone in this fight!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : The Magic Of Memoir Blog Tour!

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