May 20, 2017

Found by Emily Brett

Published Date : October 18, 2016
Publisher : SparkPress
Genre : Fiction / Women's / Medical
Rating : 3 Star


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Found is the story of a traveling nurse coming to terms with her past while dealing with someone trying to kill her. Natalie Ulster is a 27 year old ICU nurse who is dealing with the loss of her mother and trying to heal her damaged heart. With a distant Father and with a fellow nurse going deranged after her husband dies under Natalie's care, the need to escape comes in the form of being a traveling nurse.

While she goes to Belize, Arizona and Australia, she feels that is just one step away from danger after certain things happen that Natalie thinks it was meant for her. As she meets a doctor by the name of Joel who will play a big part in her healing her damaged heart after a chain of events will force her to see who is good in her life. All it takes is one moment when everything will make sense to Natalie for her to see what she has been missing while dealing with the loss of her mother that will leave her with her happy ending at last!

I'm so torn about this book about totally loving it to just feeling okay about it. The whole concept of this book was amazing but I felt that Natalie was a little whiny at times for what was going on during the story and if Natalie's character would have been better done, this would have been a 5 star read for me! Overall, this was a good read if you can get past the way Natalie acted sometimes and you can easily spend a couple of hours reading it while trying to figure out how this was all gonna end!

Thank You to Emily Brett for writing a good debut novel that makes me curious to see what is to come from you next!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : FRC 2016!

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