May 7, 2017

Geronimo by Melissa Pearl

Published Date : August 18, 2016
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services
Series : Songbird / Book 8
Genre : Fiction / New Adult / Romance
Rating : 5 Star


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Geronimo is the story of second chances to find your one true love! Jane is on a mission to find herself once again after losing the love of her life on her wedding day so back to England where it all ended for her. Once there, she meets a handsome man by the name of Harry in which he is also dealing with a loss of his own. Harry makes a proposal to Jane for the next two weeks, they just live life without expectations but it turns into something more by the time that Jane has to leave England.

With a new found love that neither one of them expected to have, Harry shows up in America and shows Jane what is missing in her life but he is also on a time restricting to return to England in which the both of them make the best of the time he has there. After Harry returns to England, one weekend that Jane shows up to surprise him will lead to a major secret coming out and Jane not wanting to have anything to do with Harry anymore. As they come to learn that no matter what is in the past that you must be willing to move forward to a new beginning or should I say Geronimo!!

I thought Rough Water was a tearjerker of a book but this one will have feel things for these two people that make Rough Water seem like a walk in the park!! I could understand where Jane wasn't ready to fall in love again and having Harry come out of his shell after not wanting to take chances that might lead to more heartbreak, the ending was perfect for these two and what their story was. After reading whose story is next in this series, it's gonna bring even more emotion and a story that I can't wait to read!

Thank You to Melissa Pearl for having this series that bring emotions and love stories that was made for the stars!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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