May 28, 2017

If You Were Me And Lived In...Portugal by Carole P. Roman

Published Date : June 4, 2014
Publisher : CreateSpace Publishing
Series : If You Were Me & Lived In...Countries
Genre : J Non-Fiction / Travel
Rating : 5 Star


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If You Were Me And Lived In Portugal is the story of what living in Portugal is really like! You might be living with your family in the capital city of Lisbon which is not only one of the oldest cities in the world but also, the oldest in Western Europe. You will learn what your names could be to what items are called in a store and even where you might go on vacation. As you learn everything there is to learn about Portugal, you will leave will more knowledge than ever just by reading this great book!

I know I have said this before but I truly love this series that gives both kids and adults an opportunity to learn more about this world we live in! I never realized until reading this book that Lisbon was the oldest city in Western Europe which is making me want to go learn more about Portugal even as a adult!

Thank You to Carole P. Roman for writing yet another fantastic book in a series that I really love!

This book came from my own personal Library!

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