May 11, 2017

Little Miss Liberty by Chris Robertson

Published Date : March 7, 2017
Publisher : Xist Publishing
Genre : E Fiction / Picture Book
Rating : 5 Star


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Little Miss Liberty is a fictional story of how the iconic Lady Liberty came to be! Liberty was born a very special child, she was green and growing at a rapid pace. When she outgrown everything around her, she set off to find where she belongs until that one magic day when she finds that one special spot to call her own!

I thought this book was very cute in the sense that it gives kids reason to want to learn more about the Statue of Liberty. Some people complain how it's nothing like how the real Statue came to be but this book wasn't meant to be telling the real story just something to get kids interested in the real story. The pictures in this book were spot on and it was very easy to get into, perfect for those younger readers!

Thank You to Chris Robertson for writing a very good story that I hope will lead to more kids reading about the iconic, Statue of Liberty!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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