May 3, 2017

Nights In Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Published Date : September 18, 2002
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Genre : Fiction / Romance
Rating : 5 Star


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Nights In Rodanthe is the story of two people coming together and falling in love when they lest expect it. Adrienne Willis is left to raise her three kids after her husband ran off with a younger woman and with a need to collect her thoughts, she goes to Rodanthe to tend to her friend's inn for the weekend unaware of what is to come. Paul Flanner was a highly successful doctor who is running from his past and trying to regain what he lost with his grown son. A trip to Rodanthe for Paul would mean a start to a new beginning with his son but at the same time, a certain woman will come into his life when it's most needed.

One weekend is all it takes for Adrienne and Paul, to fall deeply in love but with Paul set to fly down to South America for a year to be with his son, Paul is willing to give that up to be with Adrienne but comes to realization that he needs to be with his son more. With a sad goodbye and with it now been fifteen years since that weekend, Adrienne finally tells her daughter, Amanda what happened that weekend. As Amanda is dealing with a heartbreaking loss of her husband and having to raise two young boys by herself, the story of her mother and Paul will make her want to do more for her boys and realizes what her mother went through so many years ago. We are left with Adrienne reflecting on what happened that weekend and what happened with her and Paul afterward, we realize that all it takes is one look from someone to find your one true soul mate.

I have to be honest here and say that, this isn't my first time reading this book but it will be the first time reviewing it, yes people, it's that good of a book for me to have read and reread this book multiple times just to read Adrienne and Paul's story! Just reading how their lives collided on that beach in Rodanthe for the weekend and how they fell in love and what happened after, will have you crying a bit in the end of the book for them. When the movie came out, it was exactly like I thought it would be and it does make you think that love is possible even when you lest expect it!

Thank You to Nicholas Sparks for writing a story that you can reread over and over and not get bored with it!

This book came from my own personal Library!

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