May 27, 2017

Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Published Date : September 13, 2016
Publisher : Month9Books
Series : The Fair City Files / Book 1
Genre :J Fiction / Fantasy
Rating : 5 Star


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Operation Tenley is the tale what can happen in 48 hours that will change everything! Penny is a fairy who is also known as The Fair One and is in charge of a young girl named Tenley who discovered her powers way too early in life. After Penny is caught not reporting that Tenley had her powers from a young age, she is sent to earth to make Tenley give up her power. With Mother Nature wanting the power that Tenley has, it leads to an thrilling 48 hours that will show Penny and Tenley how brave they really can be when push comes to shove!

This book sounded good when I read what it was about but I never thought I would really love it like I do now! I'm not much reading books about fairies but this book will grab your attention from the first page and will have you reading it way past your bedtime just to see how it all ends! I'm really curious to see what will happen next in this series since it does kinda leave you with a cliff hanger on what happens in the last few pages of the book.

Thank You to Jennifer Gooch Hummer for writing a story that I can't wait to see what is to come in this series!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : Funky Fall Middle Grade Blog Tour!

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