May 16, 2017

Outback : Brothers & Sinisters by M.W.Adams

Published Date : January 1, 2016
Publisher : Southern Yellow Pine Publishing
Series : Family Tree / Book 1
Genre : J Fiction / Social Issues


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Sibling rivalries erupt when the Qweepie family relocates from the Florida suburbs to a dilapidated Western Kentucky farm. Killiope, known as Driew Qweepie’s big sinister, is plotting against her little bother. Her unaffectionate schemes alert Driew to the dangers of being lost, stolen, or escaping the farm out backDuring Driew’s fight for sinister respect, he and Gulia, the Australian girl-next-door, uproot a magic man’s Outback secret.


Mark was inspired to chase his entrepreneurial dream in the 3rd grade, selling drawings to classmates. Creating books and inspiring others has always been his passion. Mark’s ability to produce quality illustrations at a fast pace and dedication to mentor others has made MWA, Inc. both successful and unique. In the past five years, his authors have won over 50 book awards and he continues to create new, successful products annually.
Mark contributes his talents and time to the community locally and internationally. He promotes reading and writing via public speaking engagements, book signings, and participation in book events. He has been recognized through the Kentucky Governor’s School for the ArtsKACo (KY Assoc. of Counties)FAPA BoardSCBWIIBPAReaders’ Favorite Illustration Awards Judge, and international book awards. He also volunteers his talents to the Kids Need to Read annual calendar and donates books to various organizations.

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