May 13, 2017

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Published Date : September 29, 2015
Publisher : William Morrow
Genre : Fiction / Thriller
Rating : 5 Star


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Pretty Girls is the story of how one family was able to come together in a time that seemed impossible. Twenty years has passed since Claire and Lydia's teenage sister, Julia went missing and nothing is the same anymore, the two girls don't speak with other anymore until Claire's husband. Paul dies. With another young girl gone missing and with the knowledge that Claire gets after Paul dies by looking on his computer, nothing is what it seems. It all leads to secrets been reveled about Paul and who he truly was and two sisters finally coming together again.

I LOVED this book, if you want a book that is hard to put down and grabs you from the first sentence to the very last word, this is it. The way that Karin makes the characters come to life makes you feel for them in a way I never have and it kinda makes you want another book just to get Lydia's side of the story and what she went through before this story started. I never read Karin Slaughter's books before but I now feel the need to go read all that she has out!!

Thank You to Karin Slaughter for writing a thriller that was way too hard to put down!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : FRC 2015!

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