May 7, 2017

Rough Water by Melissa Pearl

Published Date : May 26, 2016
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services
Series : Songbird / Book 7
Genre : Fiction / New Adult / Romance
Rating : 5 Star


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Rough Water is the seventh book in the Songbird series! Sarah and Justin are newlyweds that had to deal with a heartbreaking loss within weeks of them getting married. With them not communicating with each other, a night in Vegas for Sarah makes things worse to the point of Justin wanting a divorce. It all comes down to a trip to Paris that will either make or break them for good and only then will they realize that their needs to come first and not live life for other people.

OMG, this book will have your heartstrings torn at what Justin & Sarah are going through just right after they get married, it's something that you wish nobody will have to deal with especially on a happy day. I do believe this is my favorite book out of the entire series now due to all the emotions that are going on. I now can't wait to read the next book in this series to see what happens but I do think we are in for a roller-coaster of emotions in that one as well.

Thank You to Melissa Pearl for having this book so filled with emotions that I think everyone will love it due to what is going on!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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