May 21, 2017

Running For Water And Sky by Sandra Kring

Published Date : May 10, 2016
Publisher : SparkPress
Genre : YA Fiction / Social Issues
Rating : 5 Star


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Running For Water And Sky is the story of how one girl was able to find where she belongs and where her heart is. Bless is 17 years old and has been shuffled around for most of her life until her dad shows up unexpectedly and is forced to take her with him after a confrontation with his parents. As she moves in with her father, his girlfriend and two boys, a boy named Liam makes her open up about her past until one afternoon that threatens to change everything for everyone.

With Bless coming from her mean grandparents to living with a father she never knew, the search to find who her mother is bring her to a psychic that gives her a warning about someone that she loves. As things unfold that afternoon and what the psychic tells her to be nearly true, it takes her 15 blocks to see if the prediction holds true and what it means for her future. After everything settles down, Bless learns the meaning of true love with an ending that nobody will see coming!

I had only planned to read 50 pages out of 170 left in the book and go to bed but I ended up finishing this book around 1:30 in the morning just to see how it all ends! The things that Bless had to go through with her grandparents and especially with her grandfather will make you mad for what he did to her but at the same time, you understand why she never wanted to fall in love with someone. For being Sandra's first time writing a YA novel, she did pretty great in my book and I'm looking forward to seeing what else is to come from her!

Thank You to Sandra Kring for writing a fantastic YA debut novel that made me a fan of yours for years to come!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from BookSparks : YA Summer Reads 2016!

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