May 7, 2017

Shoot The Gap by Jordan Ford

Published Date : July 15, 2016
Publisher : Jordan Ford Books
Series : Big Play / Book 4
Genre : YA Fiction / Romance / Sports
Rating : 5 Star


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Shoot The Gap is the fourth and final book in the Big Play series! Tyler and Sammy are good friends but Sammy wants more than that until Tyler comes to her wanting her to help him win over her sister, Roxy, just in time for the prom. So Sammy sets out on a little mission of her own to get Tyler to notice her instead until she discovers a major secret that Roxy is hiding from everyone.

With old friends showing up back in town and Sammy has this major secret and tries to warn Tyler about Roxy, it takes the Prom for Tyler to see what Roxy really is and who he really belongs with. Roxy being who she is, isn't letting Sammy off the hook for trying to steal her man until Sammy walks into something that puts the missing pieces together about what really happened to Kaija and Layla. It all leads to an epic showdown that will bring everyone together to put what had happened to rest and a certain person punished for their deeds. We are left with a group growing up and moving on to better things but they always know where home is!

I'm majorly sad that this is the last book in this series but I know that there is something else coming but this is definitely a series that I'm gonna be rereading from time to time! Reading what Sammy's mother does to Roxy isn't fair to Sammy and you could see that is the reason that Roxy was able to get away with so much. It was fun to see Sammy's and Tyler's relationship develop from friendship to boyfriend / girlfriend. The ending was bittersweet and I really hope that we get to see these characters someday once again!

Thank You to Jordan Ford for writing the perfect series ending book that ties up everything and I can't wait to see what is to come!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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