May 21, 2017

The Doctor And The Stork by K.K. Goldberg

Published Date : October 20, 2015
Publisher : She Writes Press
Genre : Non-Fiction / Memoir
Rating : 4 Star


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The Doctor And The Stork is the journey of one couple through IVF. K.K. is going through the journey of IVF and all that entails when it finally works and gets a huge surprise when not only one baby is coming but two! As her and her husband go through the motions of becoming parents and their crazy life mixed in, the ending is surely to leave anyone with a tear on their check knowing that someone's happy ending came true!

I don't know much about IVF or being pregnant but this book will leave you thinking of everything that they went through just to have a baby of their own and everything that comes with it and makes you appreciated a mother's love even more. The way the book had chapters in weeks of the pregnancy was kinda cool but thought it ended too quickly and would have liked to see what life was like in 6 months or so or maybe even a follow up book. I can see this book being a good gift to give someone going through this just to give hope and to never lose sight of what the end goal is.

Thank You to K.K. Goldberg for writing your journey through the struggles of finally having a family of your own!

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