May 7, 2017

The Handoff by Jordan Ford

Published Date : June 9, 2016
Publisher : Jordan Ford Books
Series : Big Play / Book 3
Genre : YA Fiction / Romance / Sports
Rating : 5 Star





The Handoff is the third book in the Big Play series! With spring break just around the corner, Mack asked Finn to watch over his younger sister, Layla but Finn has some reservations over it due to Layla's partying attitude. When Layla's older step-brother Derek,  shows her some pictures of them that will devastate her, it sends Layla into a tailspin trying to figure her way out of this mess that she has created for herself.

With Mack gone and having her step-brother in the house threatening her, will make Layla take drastic action that will have her destroying the phone with the pictures on it and on the run until Finn sees her and takes her back to his house. It doesn't help that Layla is sick as well but Finn's mother allows her to stay the week to get better. As Finn and Layla get close, her evil stepbrother blackmails her to do something to her parents that will end with a bang. With secrets out about everything that Layla did or didn't do, we are left with a family that is healing and a new found romance that was made for the stars!

I use to think that Layla was a total party animal and didn't really care for her but after reading this book, it will make you see Layla in a whole new picture and it will make your heart break for what she is going through. With only one more book in this series, it's kinda sad that this series is ending but at the same time, it makes you wonder how it's all gonna end! I think this series would be awesome as a TV series just to see everything in action and to give everyone else a chance to love this series!

Thank You to Jordan Ford for making me like Layla and curious to see how everything is gonna end!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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