May 5, 2017

The Ramblers by Aidan Donnelley Rowley

Published Date : February 9, 2016
Publisher : William Morrow
Genre : Fiction / Women's
Rating : 5 Star


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The Ramblers is a story set over a period of a week and it follows three thirty year old's and their life changing decisions they will have to make over this week. It's the week of Thanksgiving of 2013 and this is how Clio, Smith & Tate, lives are gonna be intertwined in a way that they will all depend on each other in some form or another.

Clio is a gifted Ornithologist who comes from a broken childhood, which is effecting her relationship with her boyfriend, Harry. When Clio's mother died the year before, she kept the news to herself but when Harry makes a proposal to live together, it sends Clio on a tailspin not wanting to commit just yet. The decision to sell her childhood home will force Clio to reveal everything to Harry that had happened to her during her childhood. By the end of the week, Clio will come out stronger for revealing the truth and a much brighter future ahead for her and Harry!

Smith is from a wealthy family that doesn't understand her life choices and Clio's best friend. When her fiance left her, it left her totally heartbroken but when she discovers her sister got engaged during this time, she doesn't understand how she can be so sad during this happy time in the family. When Tate comes into the picture, she wants to fall in love with him but after thinking it over, she comes to a decision that will make her more happy than she has been in years!

Tate is running from a failed marriage and a career that is stalled due to him being indecisive what to do with the rest of his life. Being that he went to college with Clio and Smith and eventually left to pursue bigger things, when he comes back to the city, Smith and Tate hit it off in a time that really isn't good for either one of them. As Tate deals with his soon to be ex-wife and a future that has promise, only a promise to Smith will make him realize that everything happens for a reason!

This book had me captivated enough to finish it in just two days, yes it's that great!! I really liked how everything played out over a week's time with each one telling their side of the story with time added to the story so you know when each part was during that week. I'm not much for reading books in a first person telling it but the way that Aidan wrote it, it wasn't so bad for me to get into. I could totally relate to each one of the characters in a way that made it hard to put down the book and I really hope that there will be a continuing story of these three people someday!

Thank You to Aidan Donnelley Rowley for writing a book that has me wanting to read more by you!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from Goodreads Giveaways!

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