May 7, 2017

The Red Zone by Jordan Ford

Published Date : April 21, 2016
Publisher : Jordan Ford Books
Series : Big Play / Book 2
Genre : YA Fiction / Romance / Sports
Rating : 5 Star


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The Red Zone is the second book in the Big Play series and from Mack's and Kaija's point of view. Mack is your typical jock who is also dealing with family issues when a mysterious girl shows up at school that will ultimately change his life. Kaija is a exchange student from New Zealand who is running from what had happened to her at her home school when a certain jock threatens to tear down her walls and make her believe in happy endings again!

As Kaija is running from something bad that had happened to her best friend in New Zealand which also made her realize what kind of people she was hanging around. When she gets to the states, she made a promise to herself not to get involved with anyone until Mack comes along and changes everything. With Mack dealing with family issues and who he thinks he needs to be in order to be like his dead dad, meeting Kaija will bring out a side of him that he didn't realize he had. When a major secret about Kaija is reveled to the entire school, Kaija runs home to confront her past to only have a bigger surprise waiting for her that was meant to be!

I'm really loving this Big Play series so far and how everything ties in with each other from both books. I like how Jordan is able to bring her native New Zealand into the books with references and having Kaija being from there, it makes you want to go visit it due to what is described in this book! Now the wait to see what is to come for these teenagers in the next book and I'm positive that I'm gonna love that book as well!!

Thank You to Jordan Ford for having a series that keeps you coming back for more!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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