May 7, 2017

True Love by Melissa Pearl

Published Date : November 18, 2015
Publisher : Smashwords
Series : Songbird / Book 5
Genre : Fiction / New Adult / Romance
Rating : 5 Star


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True Love is the fifth book of the Songbird Series and tells Nessa & Jimmy's journey to finding True Love. After a one night stand between Nessa and Jimmy who are part of the rock group Chaos, sends Nessa running and in the process, gets in a accident that leaves her without her hand. As being the drummer for the group, Nessa is lost and doesn't know where to turn to after the accident since drumming was her escape from her family who doesn't really care for her.

Jimmy who is also dealing with a father who only wants to come around to party, is willing to do anything to make Nessa happy. After one night when Jimmy and Nessa finally come together and realize that they are made for each other, the issue of what is going on in the group makes Nessa question everything. In the end, Nessa and Jimmy have discovered all they needed was True Love and everything else will fall into place like it should!

I loved this book and now I want to read the first four books in the series even though they can be read as stand alone, I can see where all the books intertwined with each other. Even though it brings up the issue of someone losing a limb, I never seen that been done in a romance book and loved how Melissa was able to make it work without it being too weird. This would make a awesome movie series or even TV series, yes it's that good!!

Thank You to Melissa Pearl for writing a book series that everyone can enjoy even though you never read the previous books!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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