June 25, 2017

American Hunter by Willie Robertson & William Doyle

Published Date : October 27, 2015
Publisher : Howard Books
Genre : Non-Fiction / Hunting
Rating : 4 Star


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American Hunter is about all the hunters that made America what it is today. From the early hunters like the American Indian to men like Daniel Boone and even famous women hunters are what this country was founded on, without them paving the way, America would sure look different and much a wilder country at that. 

I love to read books that the Robertson's put out and this one ranks high on my list by them. They are the ultimate hunting family and who doesn't like to read about their hunting experiences mixed in with the history of hunting and guns. If you want to read a book that is actually fun to read about hunting, get this book and you won't be disappointed!!! 

Thank You to Willie Robertson & William Doyle for making reading about hunting exciting!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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