June 28, 2017

Charleston by Antelo Devereux

Published Date : June 28, 2017
Publisher : Schiffer Publishing
Genre : Non-Fiction / Photography
Rating : 5 Star


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Charleston is a picture book of all the beautiful sights in Charleston, South Carolina! It has over 130 pictures that highlight the history, culture and the spirit of Charleston! With pictures that showcase the beautiful old homes along Battery Street to the old Slave Market and even the gorgeous Middleton Plantation, this book is perfect for anyone who loves anything to do with Charleston, South Carolina!!

I loved this book just due to the simple fact that I love Charleston! If you ever spent any time in Charleston, this book will make you want to go back just to experience everything that this book shows within the pages! I thought the Author did a fine job on taking the most perfect pictures of what this city is and why people fall in love with the beauty that is Charleston!!

Thank You to Antelo Devereux for taking the most breath-taking pictures of Charleston, SC!!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from Edelweiss!

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