June 17, 2017

Christmas At Dove Creek by Scarlett Dunn

Published Date : October 25, 2016
Publisher : Zebra
Genre : Fiction / Women's / Holiday
Rating : 5 Star


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Christmas At Dove Creek is the story of a journey that ends in love at Christmas time! It's the 1860's and Lily Starr is determined to help shepherd a group of outcasts that includes a pregnant woman, a saloon girl, a blacksmith and a wolf dog named Blue, from Texas to Wyoming by Christmas. When she encounters the handsome Thorpe Turlow after an Indian attack, she is about to discover that not everyone in the group is who they truly are. After encountering a Marshall named Stone who is taking in the bandit Harlowe to be hanged which leads to a group of outlaws coming into the camp to rescue their buddy at a cost to the group.

When the group finally makes it to Fort Laramie and more secrets are reveled, Thorpe who has been hiding a broken heart from been jilted at the alter and has been hiding the fact that he has falling for Lily, put the both of them at odds. As they finally make it to Thorpe's ranch and the truth about what had happened to Thorpe's ex when that certain ex shows back up at the ranch. It all leads to the shocking truth about Thorpe's ex, Blue who goes missing to only return with a gift, a baby born and romance that was made for the stars!

This was a hard review to write since I don't want to give much of anything away but I can promise you reading this book will have you staying up late just to see what happens next for Thorpe and Lily! As you get to know Lily and Thorpe along the journey to Thorpe's ranch, you think you know how this story is gonna end but the whole middle of the book does make you think how is this possible when Lily and Thorpe have so much against them. The whole ending was perfect for what the story told and I so wished that a movie was in the works because it is the perfect love story to be told at Christmas!!

Thank You to Scarlett Dunn for writing a story that made me wished that we get to see more of Lily and Thorpe in the future!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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