June 16, 2017

Daughters Of The Bride by Susan Mallery

Published Date : July 12, 2016
Publisher : HQN Books
Genre : Fiction / Romance
Rating : 5 Star


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Daughters Of The Bride follows three sisters and what happens to them when their mother gets remarried. Maggie being the mother and getting remarried after being a widow of 24 years, secrets come out about her family that she never knew. Rachel being the oldest sister and dealing with her ex-husband who wants a second chance after cheating on her. Sienna is the middle child and has already had two broken engagements but when her boyfriend proposed to her unexpectedly, it makes her question that relationship. Courtney is the baby of the family and the most awkward of the three sisters, planning her mother's wedding will revel a major secret about herself and how everyone else will think about her.

It takes a dinner party for secrets to come out about what Courtney has been doing and it makes everyone see her in a whole new light. With everyone reeling from the news, Rachel realizes what went wrong in her marriage and Sienna comes to the realization who truly cares for her in the perfect conclusion to this story.  It all ends at a wedding that was made for the bees and three sisters coming into their own and where they are meant to be.

I really loved this story and how each chapter told the point of view from each of the sisters without it being too weird or too complicated  to follow. It was the perfect story that you could easily get lost in for a couple of hours, reading how these three sisters came into their own by the end of the book and I didn't have much respect for Sienna in the beginning but by the end, she was one of my favorite characters. I know this is a stand-alone book but it would be cool to these three women in a future book someday!!

Thank You to Susan Mallery for writing a book that is perfect to escape for a couple of hours!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Publisher!

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