June 25, 2017

Dear County Agent Guy by Jerry Nelson

Published Date : May 3, 2016
Publisher : Workman Publishing
Genre : Non-Fiction / Agriculture / Humor
Rating : 5 Star




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Dear Country Agent Guy is Jerry Nelson's tales of being a farmer in South Dakota. Jerry is a Norwegian dairy farmer that has worked and lived on his farm since he was a little boy and this book, he lets everyone know what it truly means to be a farmer. With stories like nearly losing his life to hilarious tales of his family and what living in a South Dakota winter is really like, this book will make you appreciated everything that a farmer does.

This book had me laughing out loud at certain points of the book, it's a very good book that I think could be up there with the Lena and Ole books, if you know what I mean! I lived up in North Dakota and I understand everything he said even right down to the hard winter but he can keep the lutefisk to himself!! I would like to see more stories by Jerry down the road and know I will enjoy those as much as I did this book!

Thank You to Jerry Nelson for sharing your stories and I can only hope that there will be more stories to come!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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