June 25, 2017

Do Geese Get Goose Bumps? by Bathroom Reader's Institute

Published Date : September 13, 2016
Publisher : Bathroom Reader's Institute
Genre : Non-Fiction / Humor
Rating : 4 Star


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Do Geese Get Goose Bumps is a collection of questions like the title with their sometimes shocking answers to life's questions! With questions like, what are in hot dogs to why do superhero's wear their underwear on the outside and even can a elephant cry crocodile tears in a fabulous new look on some need to know questions about everyday life!

This was a short read for myself but I loved every minute of it and I was able to learn new things about this world that I never thought to be true! The Bathroom Reader's Institute have a good thing going with these books that are filled to the brim of knowledge but don't let the name fool you into thinking that it's something else!

Thank You to Bathroom Reader's Institute for having this new book that I think everyone will enjoy reading!!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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