June 3, 2017

If You Were Me And Lived In...Elizabethan England by Carole P. Roman

Published Date : March 21, 2016
Publisher : CreateSpace Publishing
Series : If You Were Me & Lived In...Civilizations Throughout Time
Genre : J Non-Fiction / History
Rating : 5 Star


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If You Were Me And lived In...Elizabethan England that shows everyone what life was like around 1578. We are introduced to life in England during a time of growth and we learn what they lived in to what they eat or don't eat and what kind of clothing there was. It was a time period that the stage life was starting that gave us the great William Shakespeare and others who paved the way during this fascinating time of history.

I love learning about certain periods in history and this book was not exception even if I'm way past the age that it's targeting. I could see kids reading this book and wanting to learn more about England after reading it. The only thing I never understood was how they made young boys wait until they were five to make them wear breeches or pants but it's books like this that make me want to learn more about history!

Thank You to Carol P. Roman for writing a great series that I hope gets kids to learn more!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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