June 3, 2017

If You Were Me And Lived In...Viking Europe by Carole P. Roman

Published Date : September 5, 2016
Publisher : CreateSpace Publishing
Series : If You Were Me & Lived In...Civilizations Throughout Time
Genre : J Non-Fiction / History
Rating : 5 Star


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If You Were Me And Lived In Viking Europe is the story of what life was like in 890 AD, Viking Europe. We get a look at how everyone was divided in three levels of class; rich, middle class and poor and whatever you were born into was how well you were treated on the streets. Since the main character was born in the rich class, we get a first hand look at what they ate, what kind of clothing was available and what they did for a living. With a guide in the back of the book that shows you how to pronounce certain words and even who were the important people back in the era!

I found this book to be interesting enough that it made me go do some research on the Vikings and not many books will make me do that. I never knew until reading this book that they lived under what class you were born into and how women were respected more than any other group in Europe. Like I have said before, this is a really good series for both kids and adults in the sense that it makes them want to learn about cultures that you never think about before reading books like this!

Thank You to Carole P. Roman for writing a great series that makes me want to go learn more!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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