June 10, 2017

Mason The Mutt by KayeC Jones & Russ Hughes

Published Date : April 9, 2016
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services
Genre : E Fiction / Picture Book
Rating : 5 Star





Mason The Mutt is the story of how one dog overcame being thrown out of the only home he has ever know to being a family pet. After being thrown out by his owner, Mason has to learn to take care of himself but it's not easy. It's not until he gets hurt by some bully's, that someone comes and rescues him and fixes him up but he is still not been loved by someone. After he is healed up and able to go outside to play, Mason's happily ever after comes true!

I just loved this story and it will have you rooting for Mason the entire time just for him to get what he truly deserves in his short doggie life. I feel this book would be awesome to have in a animal shelter to have people read this book before adopting a dog. If you love dogs, this is the perfect book for anyone to read and reread!

Thank You to KayeC Jones & Russ Hughes for having this beautifully written book that I hope will be a best-seller soon!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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