June 23, 2017

Paper Cranes by Jordan Ford

Published Date : June 23, 2017
Publisher : Jordan Ford Books
Series : Fairytale Twist / Book 1
Genre : YA Fiction / Fairytale
Rating : 5 Star


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Paper Cranes is a modern classic retelling of a Fairytale! Tristan Parker hasn't been in the best of moods lately, with his parents nasty divorce and having to move in with his alcoholic dad. It takes getting a baseball for the neighborhood kids in what appears to be a abandoned house next door for Tristan to come face to face with Helena. Helena lives in the abandoned house with her mother who doesn't want her to have anything to do with the outside world until a handsome boy climbs into her room trying to find a missing baseball!

As Tristan and Helena get to know each other and what they have to do in order to see each other, Tristan's mood starts to improve at home and school. It takes a late night date out on the town and a horrible accident for Tristan to realize how far he will go in order to be with Helena. With nothing going right for either Tristan and Helena after the accident, it takes a trip overseas for Tristan to finally get his happy ending!

I so don't want to reveal on what kind of accident that happened but it will make your heart break for Tristan and Helena. This book will grab you and won't let go until the very last word is read and even now, I'm still thinking about this story and how things could have gone if something else had happened and what that might have done to Tristan. I loved the fact that this story was so different from the other books that Jordan has put out so far that makes me wonder what else does Jordan Ford have up her sleeve!!

Thank You to Jordan Ford for having this new kind of story that makes me love your books even more!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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