June 10, 2017

Rupert by KayeC Jones & Russ Hughes

Published Date : April 9, 2016
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services
Genre : E Fiction / Picture Book
Rating : 5 Star





Rupert is the tale of a little pig not meeting his parents expectations and set on discovering on who he truly is in this world. Rupert comes from a wealthy family and doesn't interact with other kids but has a passion for art, that his parents don't like him to do. One day, his parents tell him that he has to do one thing for the rest of his life but he rebels and sets out on finding what he wants to do. As he finds out that nothing is easy and decides to head home to a major surprise that will leave everyone happy!

You have to love books like this that challenge a person to find who they are and the willingness to see everything through even if nobody agrees with it. I thought the Illustrations were pretty awesome in this book and they were perfect for what was going on during the story! My favorite part was when he worked at a farm and it made me think of a darker novel that involves pigs on a farm that I want to go reread!

Thank You to KayeC Jones & Russ Hughes for writing a pretty awesome book with cool Illustrations!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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