June 17, 2017

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Published Date : April 24, 2012
Publisher : HarperTeen
Series : The Selection / Book 1
Genre : YA Fiction / Dystopian
Rating : 5 Star


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The Selection is the first book in The Selection series and in which is a competition that 35 girls are chosen to become the next queen of Ilea. After the war with China, America is not the same place it was and now has a monarchy system in which the son is now eligible to choose his bride. America Singer comes from a level five family and struggling to make ends meet until a competition changes everything for the family.

As America goes on with her life that includes having a secret boyfriend, a letter comes in the mail that will change everything for her family. When she is chosen to be one of thirty-five girls to move in the castle, everything feels so different for her that one night she storms out of the castle and into the arms of the prince who is named Maxon. As America and Maxon start talking and getting to know each other, one night will change everything about the competition that will set us up for the next book in the series!!

I can see where this book gets a lot of hate but I loved this book! It may seem like just another book like the next but it's so much more than what is out there and I'm kinda sad that I just now discovered this series as the final book is being released. This book will make you forget time just to see what happens with America next and I can't wait to get into the next book in the series!

Thank You to Kiera Cass for writing a book that makes you forget time!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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