July 24, 2017

Blood Oath by Melissa Lenhardt

Published Date : May 23, 2017
Publisher : Redhook
Series : Laura Elliston / Book 2
Genre : Fiction / Historical
Rating : 4 Star


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Blood Oath is the 2nd Book in the Laura Elliston Series! We pick up with Laura and Kindle on the run from everyone who wants the bounty on their heads. As they soon realize that running will come with a cost that they might not make it in the end, they still take the chance anyway. With Laura risking her life for a Indian while being held hostage that will ultimately come at a cost later on. As Kindle and Laura take their relationship to the next level of being married, Laura soon discovers what Kindle is really like and we are left with the most unexplained ending to this story that will make you want to read the last book in this series just to discover if Kindle and Laura have what it takes to be together in the end!

After the events of the last book, you don't think they could get any worse but they do and more bloodier as well. You think you know how this story is gonna end up but then, you will get hit with a huge shocker that makes you wonder how is all of this gonna end in the end! I had to go back and reread the part of when the Indian woman was doing the unthinkable to Kindle just to make sure that Laura wasn't dreaming it, yes people it was that shocking!! With that shocking ending to this book, I have no clue to how it's all gonna end but you can bet that it's gonna be good!!

Thank You to Melissa Lenhardt for writing a book that made me stay up way later than I planned just to see how this book ends!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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