July 13, 2017

Chase & Chloe by Simone Elise

Published Date : July 12, 2017
Publisher : Inkitt
Genre : Fiction / Romance


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Chloe’s life has never been the easiest ride, and now she finds herself in chaos and running away from home in her stolen abusive stepfather’s car. When she breaks down in the middle of nowhere, she doesn’t expect to come face to face with Chase; eldest son to the leader of the notoriously feared Horsemen Motorcycle Club. 

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Chloe reluctantly accepts Chase’s offer of a place to stay, despite her knowing that he can’t be trusted. This big, bad, biker can’t mean any good, can he?

A tale of romance, danger and suspense; Chase and Chloe is a thrilling ride that you’ll find tough to slow down on...


My name is Simone, most know me as Explode. My passions are writing, tattoos and my family. Writing to me, is an outlet. I write every day, regardless of my mood or commitments. My stories come to me, seemingly out of nowhere, and then I plot them out and before I know it I’m ten chapters deep.
Writing is an art and I think everyone has a story in them but only certain people are able to tell them.

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