July 29, 2017

General Houston's Little Spy by Cara Skinner

Published Date : March 10, 2015
Publisher : Tate Publishing
Genre : YA Fiction / Texas History
Rating : 5 Star


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General Houston's Little Spy is the tale of how Texas came to win her Independence from Mexico. The year is 1835, Samantha & Danny are two young kids running away from Tennessee so they can get married and settle in the vast new territory of Texas. Shortly after getting married and getting settled on their own farm, the situation with Santa Anna is heating up that sends the both of them to the Alamo. After the Battle of the Alamo, Samantha is left on her own to fend for herself but she soon discovers that she can be a help in getting rid of Santa Anna by getting information about where he is gonna be next. It all leads up to a field at San Jacinto where everything falls into place and a new Republic forming called Texas!

I was born and raised in Texas and know that at a very early age we are taught Texas History and I could see this book being used in schools and libraries as another book in the teaching history of Texas. I did like that there was a whole new spin to the story that I read so often but it still gets the point across of what happened at the Alamo and San Jacinto. With the 180th anniversary of the Alamo coming up, this is the perfect time for any Texan to read this book and be grateful that those brave men fought for our state!

Thank You to Cara Skinner for writing a book about Texas History that will make anyone proud to be a Texan!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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