July 15, 2017

If You Were Me And Lived In...Cuba by Carole P. Roman

Published Date : June 6, 2017
Publisher : CreateSpace Publishing
Series : If You Were Me & Lived In...Countries
Genre : J Non-Fiction / Travel
Rating : 5 Star


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If You Were Me And Lived In Cuba is the story of what it's like living in Cuba! You would learn that Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean and the second most populated in the area. You would also learn what you would eat, what you would do for fun and even, a little history lesson of Cuba! With a easy to pronounce guide in the back, this book has everything you need to jump start learning everything about Cuba!

I truly love this series that teach's kids about countries in this big world we live in, in the most fun way ever! I may be a adult but this book isn't just for kids, it's a book that can bring everyone together to learn about a country that most people don't want to talk about. Just a little warning though, reading about the food will make you hungry for Cuban food!! I so wished that something like this series and this book was around when I was learning about Cuba, it would have made it so much better and fun for me!

Thank You to Carole P. Roman for writing this book and I can't wait to see what country you go to next!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from the Author!

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