July 29, 2017

Under The Ashes by Cindy Rankin

Published Date : November 1, 2016
Publisher : Albert Whitman & Company
Genre : YA Fiction / Historical
Rating : 5 Star




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Under The Ashes is the story of one girl's journey to be something that her family be proud of! It's the year 1906, Elizabeth aka Little-Beth is a eleven year old that has no fear and thinks she is the smartest thing out there but her family doesn't see like that and so they send her to her aunt Sally's house in San Francisco to make her a proper lady. While there, she meets a Mr. Steinberg who is sweet on her aunt Sally but Sally doesn't want anything to start between due to him being Jewish. Everything leads to the Great Earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco and Little-Beth forcing her to use her bravery to get through the quake and rubble to finally find her way home once again.

I really enjoyed reading this book that gives a whole new look at the Earthquake of 1906 did and how people came together for the most part. The part that bothered me the most was how Little-Beth's family sometimes treated her for her being herself but then during that time period, girls were expected to just sit down and be quiet. I do believe that this book will make kids want to go research the Earthquake and that is a great book to have on your shelves!

Thank You to Cindy Rankin for writing a story that will have all-age groups love due to the story and Little-Beth's spirit!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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