August 6, 2017

I Am A Secret Service Agent by Dan Emmett with Charles Maynard

Published Date : June 6, 2017
Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
Genre : YA Non-Fiction / Memoir
Rating : 5 Star




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I Am A Secret Service Agent is the story of a young boy's dream came true. Dan was only 8 years old when President Kennedy was assassinated and from that moment on, he dreamed to become a Secret Service Agent. From college to a career in the Marine Corp, a opportunity came along to realize his dream and he took it but not without hard work that got him to that point. This is Dan's story of how you can have a dream and with hard work and persistence, anything is possible!

This book captivated for two days for what this story is saying, yes it may be short but it's a great book to read! It's the most perfect book for youngsters to read and for them to realize that anything is possible if they put their minds to it. I loved the fact that this book was written in a way that was perfect for kids to learn what being a Secret Service Agent is like without scaring them about the really hard things that this job entails.

Thank You to Dan Emmett for sharing your story with the world on what it truly means to have a dream of being a Secret Service Agent!!

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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