August 13, 2017

One Second After by William R. Forstchen

Published Date : March 19, 2009
Publisher : Forge Books
Series : After / Book 1
Genre : Fiction / Thriller / Post-Apocalyptic
Rating : 5 Star


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One Second After is the story of what happens when America loses a war that nobody saw coming and gets thrown back to the dark ages due to a EMP bomb. John Matherson is living in the hills of Tennessee with his two girls when everything goes dark and fear sets in the town. As they overcome how they are gonna survive and with one of his girls being a diabetic, the race is on to get her much needed drugs but not all goes as plan. With the whole town trying to survive until the government steps, it maybe too late for some but it will go to prove how much everyone is willing to lay down to save what they have in a stunning ending that will leave you breathless.

Reading this book will make you think about what if this really does happen in real life and the scary thing is, is that it's totally possible in this day and age. Your heart will break reading this book especially once you get into those last 100 or so pages as they desperately wait for the supplies that they need to survive. It's has definitely opened my eyes up to the possibility if this could happen and what would happen where I live and I really hope that a situation doesn't happen but knowing that you could never prepare enough for something this big is a scary thought.

Thank You to William R. Forstchen for writing a great start to this eye-opening series that will have people talking and thinking!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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