August 13, 2017

One Year After by William R. Forstchen

Published Date : September 15, 2015
Publisher : Forge Books
Series : After / Book 2
Genre : Fiction / Thriller / Post-Apocalyptic
Rating : 5 Star


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One Year After is what has happened to the survivors two years after when terrorists detonate a EMP over North America and a year after the last book, One Second After. As the town picks up the pieces and tries to survive with what they have and the hope that the government is coming back. The shocking news that half the town is getting drafted to be sent several hundred miles away has the whole town in a uproar and John Matherson is left to find out why. As John soon finds out that the government isn't what it seems and the town is once again under fire in a stunning but bittersweet ending that will leave them wondering what is to come next.

As soon as I finished One Second After, I knew I had to read this book just to see what happens next and it does make you think about what if this really did happen today. This is truly an excellent series that gives everyone a glimpse of what life may be like if an attack of this scale would happen and what the government may try to do. Reading this series has made me become a fan of William Forstchen and I so can't wait for January 2017 to arrive, to read the last book of this series!!!

Thank You to William R. Forstchen for having that little bit of hope in the end in a world that is falling apart!

I borrowed this book from my local Public Library!

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