August 6, 2017

The Glass Gauntlet by Carter Roy

Published Date : August 18, 2015
Publisher : Two Lions
Series : The Blood Guard / Book 2
Genre : J Fiction / Adventure
Rating : 5 Star


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The Glass Gauntlet is the second book of The Blood Guard and it follows Ronan Truelove and his quest to become a Blood Guard. Right after the events in the first book with Ronan discovering his mom is part of the Blood Guard and his dad is the head of the evil Bend Sinister, who had just stolen someone's soul. As Ronan's mom searches for his dad and how to get the soul back into the body, Ronan, Greta & Sammy are sent to an abandoned town to hide out until one day when everything goes wrong. But as luck would have it, a test called The Glass Gauntlet just opened up for the three to take to be part of the Blood Guard.

As the three youngsters get sent to take the test, nothing is what it seems at the testing site. When Ronan sends a email to his dad letting him know where he is, everything falls apart in just one night that reveals everything and who is really there. When the battle between the Blood Guard and Bend Sinister is over, his dad is missing and a soul is returned, a new battle is on the horizon but we just have to wait to see what happens in the next book!

The more I read this series, the more I don't want it to end, yes it's that's good!! I do think this would make for an awesome movie series or maybe even a TV series, but only time would tell for that. Now the wait is on for the next book and I can't wait to see what is to come for Ronan and his Blood Guard!!!

Thank You to Carter Roy for having such a fantastic series that truly deserves to have the spotlight on it.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley!

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